We help you choose the Optimal Snow Package
Throughout the off-season, we meet with current and prospective clients to review our technology, capabilities, service process, and team. During the meeting we also review property expectations to aid in choosing the most appropriate snow package that best suits your specific property needs.
Create Site Specific Plan
Prior to each season beginning, for the first year properties, we walk the site with property managers and/or onsite supervisors to note historical service issues and specific service requests. We take information from this meeting and create a comprehensive site service plan that includes a site service map, site zone priority, snow plowing/sidewalk strategy and snow piling locations, pretreatment and de-icing strategy, safety protocols, and service time frame objectives for our teams. This is all uploaded to our operational system and is available to each our crew members during every service.
Site Documentation and Preparation
In October we dispatch crews to document all curb lines, safety concerns, and existing damage via date and time-stamped photos. We also install high-visibility temporary markers to all curb lines, snow stacking areas, fire hydrants, and safety concerns. This helps our crews provided a higher level of service and helps prevent damage to your property during servicing or by general public through the winter season.
Service Planning & Training
Prior to the beginning of the season, we engineer our service routes using a proprietary software that optimizes, response, and service time in accordance with your chosen snow package. Once equipment and operators are assigned, we hold on-site meetings to walk the entire site and review the complete snow service plan with the site crew. This ensures our team understands the site's needs and their service expectations goal is met (they receive a bonus on this objective). 
Fulltime Weather Monitoring
During the winter season, we have real-time weather monitoring to ensure we are prepared in advance for upcoming winter events. Typically we start operational planning a storm event several days in advance. On storm day, the entire team is brought in advance for a pre-event meeting to discuss specific actions planned. 
Pre-Event Plan Notification
For most of our clients, we send our customized weather warnings prior to an event occurring. This communication also includes an overview of the specific operational strategy we have planned for your site(s) for this event. You should never feel unsure about the weather again.
Real-Time Service Reports
During each event you may choose to log into our client portal to review services we performed in real-time or after the event e can send an email summarizing the services. This allows our clients to always be aware of status of their property and never have to make phone call after phone call to get updated on property status. 
Lessons-Learned & Feedback Sessions
After every event we hold a "lessons-learned" session with our entire team. We discuss what went well, what we could have changed and we score our quality metrics for the event. From that meeting along with individual feedback calls made to our clients by our VP of Operations, we identify any areas of concern and immediately implement a remediation plan. The initiatives identified in this process are tracked at our bi-weekly management meeting and help us to ensure we are constantly focusing on providing high-quality service to all our clients. 

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